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Choosing Organic

Sensitised by the environmental impact of 'modern' agriculture, we were among the first in our province to use the organic method in viticulture. 

Organic wines offer a number of benefits for both the wine itself and the surrounding environment. From a wine perspective, the organic approach to growing vines promotes plant health through natural methods, eliminating the use of chemical pesticides and industrial fertilisers. This results in high quality grapes, rich in authentic flavours and aromas, which are then reflected in the unique and genuine character of the wine.


From an environmental point of view, organic vineyards respect the surrounding ecosystem. The absence of chemical pesticides and industrial fertilisers prevents pollution of the soil and groundwater resources, safeguarding local biodiversity. In addition, the use of organic farming methods promotes long-term soil fertility by improving soil structure and its ability to retain moisture. This helps reduce soil erosion and promote the health of the agricultural ecosystem as a whole.


Ultimately, organic wines are an advantageous choice both for connoisseurs who wish to enjoy an authentic, high-quality product, and for those who are committed to environmental protection and agricultural sustainability.

Vino Strumendo
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