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Our Story

In 1892, my great-grandfather, along with four other family members, emigrated to Brazil in search of better fortune. Until then he had worked as a 'bovaro' on the farm of a large local landowner. They went to the province of São Paulo to work on a coffee plantation. At that time, shortly after the abolition of slavery, American landowners were looking for labour to replace African slaves.


7 years later they returned and bought the small company that we run. Until the Second World War, small farms, given limited harvests and large families, used almost all production for the family's own needs. After the Second World War, it was discovered that the Lison-Pramaggiore area had great potential for producing quality wine. Thus, little by little, many companies converted production to viticulture.


Our company began this conversion 50 years ago, and since 1992 we have gone back to basics, to producing with organic methods. The goal of our company is to achieve the best possible quality. 


The various national and international awards received so far are recognition of this commitment to achieve this high level of quality. Our endeavour is to continue to give our customers the best possible.


Sante Strumendo

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